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Guide Image

Magnetic Forces - Pen Stand

Learn how to create a magical magnetic standing pen with a Newton disc!

Guide Image

Straw Oboe (Variations)

A plethora of multiple oboe designs.

Guide Image

Pencil Spinner

Random vibrations create perfect circular motion of a disc/spinner

Guide Image


In this tactivity we can learn how to magnetise certain metals as well as how...

Guide Image

Plant Life - Transpiration

Observe transpiration in a plant

Guide Image

Wick System

Model of how roots of a tree take water as per their need

Guide Image

Plant Life - Germination

To understand the optimum conditions required for seed germination.

Guide Image

Acid Base Reaction

Expand a balloon using gas created in a simple chemical reaction.

Guide Image

Magnetism - Field Lines (Variations)

Variations of Magnetism - Field Lines.

Guide Image

Food Web

Role play a food web scenario