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Guide Image

Magnetic Forces - Pen Stand

Learn how to create a Magical Magnetic Standing Pen with a Newton Disc!

Guide Image

Sound - Oboe

2-reed oboe made using straw. Commonly called a straw flute

Guide Image

Light - Newton Pencil Spinner

Random vibrations create perfect circular motion of a disc/spinner

Guide Image

DIY Electromagnet

Making your own electromagnets using an iron nail, copper wire and AA cell.

Guide Image


In this tactivity we can learn how to magnetise certain metals as well as how...

Guide Image

Sound - Vibrating Membrane

Make a simple bugle/horn with a balloon and a cut plastic bottle

Guide Image

Plant Life - Transpiration

Observe transpiration in a plant

Guide Image

Wick System

Model of how roots of a tree take water as per their need

Guide Image

Plant Life - Germination

Germination of seeds in different conditions

Guide Image

Acid Base Reaction

Expand a balloon using gas created in a simple chemical reaction.