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by Suhail Ahanger

    • Exercise caution while using cutters/scissors.

  1. Remove the stopper from bottle
    • Remove the stopper from bottle

    • At distance of 1 cm from the top make a hole (2-3 mm diameter) using scissors.

    • Using scissors pierce the tip of stopper to create a hole in it

    • Make sure the hole is clean and to let fluid pass through it.

    • Cut a tape of size 4 cm in lenght and 0.5 cm - 0.6 cm in width.

    • Fold 1 cm of tape towards sticky side from one end to get 1 cm of non stick on one side.

    • Make sure the folded portion of the tape is facing the bottle

    • The folded portion of the tape should cover the entire hole and sticky part of the tape should start few millimetres from above the hole.

    • Keep little bit gap between tape and bottle at the top portion of bend part of bottle

    • Place the ball bearing inside stopper

    • Close the bottle with stopper in inverted fashion (stopper at bottom and open bottle on top)

    • Do not invert the bottle after closing it like above mentioned. The ball bearing should always be inside the stopper. If you bring the stopper side on the top it will hard to get the ball bearing back into the stopper without opening the bottle.

    • Fill the water up the brim in any container and insert the bottle from stopper side

    • Insert the bottle into up to the neck portion .

    • Hold the bottle with both hands to keep the bottle stable.

    • If the bottle does not have enough elasticity try pressing it back with other hand after squeezing it.

    • Holes in the bottle and stopper not big and clean enough to let the water in and out.

    • Folded portion of tape too big and heavy for the water to spray out freely through that hole.

    • Sticky portion of the tape covering the hole or not at enough distance from above the hole.

    • Stopper could be loose which lets air come in and out thereby hindering the sucking in of water.

    • Folded flap of tape not covering hole completely causing air come in and out thus hindering the water sucking process.

    • Ball bearing not near the opening of stopper from inside, could have gone into the bottle by accidental tilting or inverting of bottle.

    • Can we relate the mechanism of this model to the water pumps come across our life. Also compare this model with the blood pumping mechanism by heart to different parts of our body.

    • First remove the ball bearing from bottle and observe what happens and then remove the tape and see if it works or not. Why does the heart have two valves? Look for some examples of single valve and double valve mechansims and what is the striking difference?

    • Would this model work if it is kept in horizontal. Given the ball bearing does not slide into the bottle from stopper.

    • Make the holes along the length of the bottle keeping only one hole open.

    • Make more than one hole at the same level along the circumference of the bottle. Do not forget make a valve of each hole by sticking tape or some other polythene.

    • Try using difderent sizes of bottles with appropriate size of the valves.

    • Make a hole on the top portion of bottle with the same valve

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