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by Vishal Bhatt


Take some roasted peanut seeds, with the chaff separated from the seeds. Blow air across the surface while agitating the peanuts to separate the peanut seeds from the chaff.

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    • Be careful while heating .

    • Do not touch peanuts immediately after they are roasted; wait for a few minutes .

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  1. Gather peanuts, a plate, pan, induction/gas stove and a spoon.
    • Gather peanuts, a plate, pan, induction/gas stove and a spoon.

    • Turn on the stove and keep the pan on it.

    • Transfer the peanuts into the pan .

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    • Regularly stir the peanuts with a spoon while they heat.

    • Heat till they roast; you will notice the skin turn darker. Don't let them burn.

    • Transfer the peanuts to a plate .

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    • Once the peanuts have cooled, roll the peanuts between the palms of your hands till the skins peel off.

    • The plate will now have the chaff and the peanuts.

    • Blow over the mixture; you should observe the light particles (chaff) fly away leaving behind the heavy particles (peanuts).

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    • Do not heat the peanuts too much , otherwise they will burn.

    • Heat under low flame/power only.

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    • Give more examples of winnowing from your daily life.

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