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by Procheta Mallik


Use a set of straws between two transparent tapes to create the model of a wave.

    • Handle scissors with care

  1. Take the Wave Model Scale printout .
    • Take the Wave Model Scale printout .

    • Place a length of clear tape, with the sticky side up, along the edge of the scale printout

    • Place the pencil about 5cm before the 0cm mark. Place a straight straw along the 0cm mark, parallel to the pencil. Align one end of the straw with the dotted line. Ensure that the middle of the straw is stuck on the tape

    • Repeat the same for all the straws, placing them in parallel - 1.5cm apart - with the help of the scale printout, and making sure that one end of each straw is aligned with the dotted line

    • Realign the scale printout each time after "strawing" one length of it is completed

    • Continue till 100 straws are equally placed in parallel on the tape

    • Place a pencil 5cm from the last straw

    • Wrap the tape around the pencil and start taping the straws from the top along the entire length once again.

    • Press the portions of the overlapped tape between the pencil and straw .

    • Draw the tape till the first pencil by overlapping the tape and press the gaps between the straws so that the straws remain fixed.

    • By gently tapping on one end of the wave model, observe the wave pattern formed .

    • Similarly when you tap hard on one end of the wave model observe the wave pattern formed and note the difference .

    • By twisting the wave model you get to simulate a nice sinusoidal wave. Repeat the previous step by gently and vigorously tapping on one end of the wave model and observe the difference.

    • The straight straws should be equidistant from one another.

    • Ensure that the tape is placed exactly along the centre of the straight straws, else the wave formation will be not aligned.

    • Make sure the overlapped tape is stuck neatly and accurately such that all 100 straws are secured and the gaps between the straws are pressed down fully.

    • Observe the formation of wave pattern when you tap slowly at one end of the wave model.

    • Observe what happens when the you tap harder on one end of the wave model.

    • What happens when you tap either slowly / harder simultaneously on both ends of the wave model ?

    • When you hold the wave model loosely over both ends observe the formation of waves when you hit slowly at one end . Is there any difference in speed when you hold it loosely or tightly at the ends.

    • By twisting the wave model you can visualise the crests, troughs, frequency and amplitude of waves.

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