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by Suhail Ahanger


Insert a stick in the middle of a plastic straw, make two half cuts on two sides of the straw and fold it into a triangle. Now dip this in water and rotate to get beautiful sprinkle of water.

    • Handle scissors with care.

    • Be careful about the pokey end of the wooden stick.

  1. Measure the length of your straw. Mark it's center.
    • Measure the length of your straw. Mark it's center.

    • Now, mark two points 3-cm from the center of the straw.

    • Poke the stick in the center of the straw.

    • Make half cuts at the marked 3cm on either sides of the stick.

    • Both arms of the straw should be able to bend.

    • Bend the two arms of the straw to make a triangle.

    • Stick the bent straw arms and the wooden stick with a piece of tape.

    • Straw ends should be open.

    • Place the tip of the triangle in water and spin the wooden stick with one hand. Large chunks of water will sprinkle out from the straw cuts like a centrifuge.

    • Straw openings blocked by tape.

    • Straw is either submerged too much or not at all into the water.

    • Twirling done too slowly.

    • Immerse the straw by 1 cm in the water and measure how far the water is ejected when you twirl the wooden stick.

    • Measure the angles of the triangle made by the straw.

    • Make the same toy with longer straws.

    • Make the same toy with straw arms at different angles: acute and obtuse.

    • Make the same toy with straws of different stiffness.

    • Use different liquids (e.g. oil, milk, petrol etc.) to play with the sprinkler and note down your observations.

    • Figure out the direction and trajectory of the ejected drops in the sprinkler.

    • At which angle would you get the maximum horizontal distance? What would be the advantage of keeping the angle low?

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