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by Procheta Mallik


Using alum, stones, sand of various grades and a filter paper, we show how muddy water may be filtered

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    • Do not expose alum and sand to your eyes.

    • Over-dosage of alum may cause temporary dizziness, diarrhoea and vomiting (but not dangerous). Take care while handling alum.

    • Handle the cutter/scissor with care

  1. Take some muddy water in a plastic cup/beaker.
    • Take some muddy water in a plastic cup/beaker.

    • Measure half a teaspoon of alum and transfer it to the dirty water.

    • Stir it and keep it for a while till the sediments get coagulated and settle at the bottom.

    • Take a plastic bottle and cut it in half using a cutter/scissor; remove the cap .

    • Place the upper part of the bottle inverted over the lower part.

    • Cover the mouth of the bottle with filter paper.

    • Put stones over the filter paper.

    • Add crude sand after adding the stones.

    • Add fine sand on top of the crude sand.

    • Pour the muddy water containing alum over the sand on the bottle funnel.

    • Keep pouring gently/slowly as clearer water filters down into the bottom part of the bottle, drop by drop

    • Make sure filter paper is placed correctly.

    • There needs to be adequate amount of stones and sand

    • Make sure water is poured gently/slowly so that there is no overflowing over the sand filter/bottle-funnel

    • Conduct the same experiment without using alum. What do you observe?

    • How many litres of muddy water are you able to filter with this setup without the quality of the filtered water degrading?

    • At what rate is the filter able to filter the water, i.e. how long does it take to filter 100 ml or 250 ml or 1 litre of muddy water?

    • Invert the ingredients over the filter paper so that the fine sand is at the bottom and stones on top. Do you notice any change in the filtrate?

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