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by Procheta Mallik


Glue Velcro strips on a card sheet. Insert wool in an old pen and make the pen for the Velcro slate.

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    • Be careful while bending the thick binding wire; it may pain your fingers and hands doing it, but do not try to bend it with your teeth!

    • Handle the scissors with care.

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  1. Take a thick cardboard sheet ( 12cm x 10cm here ) and apply glue on one of its surfaces.
    • Take a thick cardboard sheet ( 12cm x 10cm here ) and apply glue on one of its surfaces.

    • Stick velcro hook strips on the cardboard to make this slate.

    • Here we have used a 12cm x 10cm cardboard sheet and 2.5cm broad hook strip, so cut four 12cm long hook strips and stick them lengthwise one below the other.

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    • Take a thick binding wire ( about 13 cm long ) and bend it into a Z shape to make the crank.

    • Since you are using a 13cm long binding wire, you can make the first bend at 5cm and the next one 3 cm away from the first bend.

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    • A hole is made in the base of the small cylindrical can using scissors.

    • Two holes are made on diametrically opposite sides near the mouth of the can.

    • Alternatively, you can make the holes by heating a metal wire .

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    • One hole is slit for easy fixing and removal of the crank from the can.

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    • Take one thick cuboidal foam piece and two thin foam pieces such that its length is slightly longer than the height of the thicker foam piece.

    • Glue the thin foam pieces to the smaller rectangular plane surface of the cuboid.

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    • The thick foam piece is now secured between the two thin foam pieces.

    • Attach the crank to the foam piece. This makes the pulley.

    • Take 1.5 meters of thin wool. Tie one of its ends to the pulley.

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    • Weave the other end of wool through the pen body.

    • Tie a thick knot at the writing end of the wool.

    • Weave the pen body through the can.

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    • Pull the knot out until the pulley reaches the mouth of the can.

    • Snap fit the crank into the can. The pulley should be able to freely rotate between the walls of the can.

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    • Rotate the handle, you will see the wool winding up around the pulley.

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    • Hold the pen and start drawing on the slate.

    • To erase the picture simply rotates the handle. The wool will get wrapped around the pulley and the picture will disappear.

    • After a certain limit the wool will lose its tenacity.

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    • Entanglement of wool around the pulley and the crank.

    • If the knot at the writing end of the pen is not thick enough it will allow the wool to trace back into the pen.

    • The pulley is too large to fit into the can and rotate freely.

    • The hole made is either too big or too small for the pen to fit in. In the former case you may use glue to seal the extra space.

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    • Try writing your name and draw figures like cats, dinosaurs, star, polygons etc.

    • Use cotton or nylon thread instead of wool. Would it still work?

    • What happens if you avoid using a pulley and wind the wool directly around the crank ?

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