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by Suhail Ahanger

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  1. Take a straight straw and cut it in half .
    • Take a straight straw and cut it in half .

    • Take one of the half straw and again cut it in half.

  2. Bend one of the small straw in half.
    • Bend one of the small straw in half.

    • Nip the corners of bent straw.

    • Cut both the ends of the straw diagonally.

    • You now have a straw having a diamond shaped center with diagonal cut ends.

    • Take the other small straw and diagonally cut both the ends of the straw.

    • Insert this straw in the diamond hole made in other small straw. The looks like fan of turbine model.

    • By using thin binding wire pierce hole on the other side of the diamond.

    • Make hole on the other side by repeating the above step.

    • Take another small straw and using scissors make a hole at the center by piercing sharp end of scissor.

    • Repeat the above step for the other side of the small straw.

    • Now insert this straw on the diamond hole created on the other straw and then insert thin binding wire .

    • Make 1-2 small loops at the end of the wire by using thick binding wire for looping .

    • Similarly make 1-2 loops at the other end of the fan easily moves around the two loops made.

    • The wire inserted through the fan should be straight between the two loops.

    • Bend thin binding wire (about ~ 5-6 cms) where the fan loop ends of wire at right angle .

    • Bend 2 cms of thin binding wire again at right angle .

    • Take a thin binding wire and pierce a hole at the top end of half straw.

    • Insert the thin binding wire attached to fan from open end of the straw so that the wire protrudes out through the straw.

    • Tape the ends of wire and straw.

    • By blowing air through the straw , turbine spins.

    • Make sure the holes made in small straws are large enough.

    • The small straw and the half straw should be should be linearly aligned.

    • The wire should be straight and not bent so that there is turbine rotates freely in between the two loops made.

    • The wire pierced through the half straw should be fixed properly and must not move around.

    • Will the speed of rotation increase /decrease by adding more blades ?

    • Will the length of thin binding wire make a difference w.r.t Speed of the blades ?

    • Try to produce sound by nipping the corners of the straw in "V" shape (Oboe ).

    • Is it possible to produce sound as well as rotation of the blades at same time ?

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