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by Procheta Mallik


Heat some water in a glass or beaker/pan. Place items made of different materials in it, with some part of them sticking out, e.g. metal spoon, comb, wooden stick, copper wire etc. Let them stay for a few min and "feel" the temperature after by measuring the time it takes to melt butter kept on the ends!

    • Handle hot water with care while pouring.

    • Heat the water under adult supervision

  1. Take a plastic bowl.
    • Take a plastic bowl.

    • Take different types of materials such as: a steel strip, plastic strip, ice cream stick, copper strip, aluminium strip .

    • Now place all the above materials in the bowl.

    • Take about 2.5g of butter

    • Place a small amount (0.5g) of butter at the top end of each of the samples

    • Boil about 300 ml of water in a beaker/vessel.

    • Fill the bowl with hot water .

    • Allow the different materials to stay in the hot water bowl for 5-6min and observe.

    • Different materials should melt the butter at different rates

    • Make sure the water is hot enough - essentially boiling - when you take it off the stove

    • The different materials should not be immersed in hot water after pouring; they should already be placed in the bowl

    • The different materials should be of similar size, immersed equally and the butter should be placed at the same height for all

    • Record your observation - the time taken to melt butter on different materials when placed in boiling water.

    • Which substance is the best conductor, which the worst?

    • If available, try the same experiment with a silver spoon!

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