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by Procheta Mallik


Rub a balloon on different surfaces, e.g. hair, cotton cloth, silk, plastic etc. and see if it attracts or repels different materials.

Video Overview

    • Handle round pin and scissors with care

  1. Using a scissors make a small hole on foam piece.
    • Using a scissors make a small hole on foam piece.

    • Mount a 15 cms stiff straw on Foam piece.

    • Take another straight straw and Insert a round pin at the centre.

    • Insert the round pin on the mounted straw so that the first straw is perpendicular to second straw.

    • Blow a balloon and tie the end. Now rub the balloon on the straw for 2 minutes.

    • When two electrostatic materials are rubbed, electrons move from one material to the other.

    • Rub the balloon against straw and then start moving the balloon around the straw.

    • Materials should be electrostatic.

    • Good rubbing of electrostatic material around 1 minute is required.

    • Give electrostatic examples , from daily life .

    • Observe the bending of water using different electrostatic materials other than balloon.

    • Try bending different liquids like salt water, dil HCl etc.

    • Bending water with static electricity produced by rubbing an inflated balloon on your head.

    • To show how static electricity bends a thin stream of water flow.

    • Paper cup, balloon, skewer stick, water container.

    • Using a skewer, make a hole at the bottom of the paper cup.

    • Blow the balloon as shown.

    • Seal the balloon by tying a knot.

    • Take the balloon and rub it on your head.

    • When you rub a balloon on your head, it causes opposite static charges to build up both on your hair and the balloon.

    • Fill the paper cup with water. Allow the water to flow through the small hole.

    • The water flow must be in a narrow stream.

    • Slowly move balloon towards the stream of water (without touching it).

    • We observe that the stream of water bends towards the balloon.

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