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by Procheta Mallik


Suspend a table tennis ball (or any light plastic ball) in mid-air by blowing through a bendable straw


No tools required.


  1. Take a bendable straw
    • Take a bendable straw

    • Bend the straw, at the bendable part, to make an approximate right-angle.

    • Place the longer end of the straw in your mouth such that the short bendy end is pointing upwards and hold the small plastic ball above this end.

    • Blow through the straw with relative force and constantly for as long as you can, and release the ball as you start blowing.

    • Were you able to make the ball float in air and levitate?

    • Make sure you are not blowing too softly or inconsistently.

    • You need to release the ball at the right time, i.e. just after you start blowing

    • Record the time for which you are able to keep the ball floating.

    • Mark a dot on the ball if it doesn't already have anything printed on it; this will make it easier for you to notice that it rotates while it floats!

    • Repeat the experiment with a bigger plastic ball.

    • Replace the plastic ball with a tennis ball.

    • Instead of a straw, use PVC pipes and an elbow joint to make a 90-degree bend, and see if you can make a ball float by blowing!

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