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by Procheta Mallik


We use a light weight, tied with a string to a heavier weight, such that when you start spinning the lighter weight, it lifts up the heavier weight!

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    • While playing with this contraption, make sure you don't get hit by the revolving magnets as you spin them around! Hold with your arm outstretched and play!

  1. Weave an 80-cm long thread through a 5-cm long straw.
    • Weave an 80-cm long thread through a 5-cm long straw.

    • Tie one ring magnet on top and two ring magnets below.

    • Hold the straw vertically in one hand and start spinning the ring magnet at the top.

    • You will see the magnets at the bottom lift up.

    • Attach two more magnets to the existing magnets at bottom and spin the magnet at top.

    • The thread indicates the gravitational force between the Sun and the Earth.

    • Similarly try lifting six magnets.

    • After the magnets at the bottom ascend, stop spinning. Watch what happens to the magnet at the top. Repeat the same process with different number of magnets at the bottom, starting with one and compare your observation in each case. Ponder on why it happens.

    • Record the time taken by the magnet at top to lift two, four......ten magnets at the bottom. Compare the readings.

    • Tilt the straw a little in the anti-clockwise direction and perform the experiment for different weights. Which is easier ?

    • Flip the straw upside down where you'll have nine magnets at the top and one magnet at the bottom. Will you still be able to spin the straw and lift the magnet at the bottom end of the thread?

    • Replace the magnet at top with an eraser and the magnets at bottom with keys and perform the experiment. You could use any household materials.

    • Use a pen instead of a straw.

    • Perform the experiment with a 50-cm and 1m long thread and compare the two readings.

    • Observe the plane in which the magnet rotates.

    • The length of the thread is too long or too short.

    • The difference between the weight at top and bottom is either too little or too much.

    • Spinning at an inappropriate angle.

    • Spinning with inadequate force.

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