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by Procheta Mallik


Fix given balloon on the mouth of a plastic bottle. Cut the bottle into 1/3rd. Cut the other end of the balloon and insert given straw piece. Now blow through the straw into the balloon to make sound.

  1. Take a balloon.
    • Take a balloon.

    • Fold it in half so that you have a pointed tip at the bottom as shown in the figure

    • Make a fine cut of about 3 mm from the bottom

    comment by vishal:

    We make the bugle differently. It is complicated for children to put rubber band if we cut the balloon this way. Hence, we put the blowing side of the balloon on top of the bottle mouth.

    Procheta Mallik - Reply

  2. The cut will leave a diamond  shaped hole at the bottom.
    • The cut will leave a diamond shaped hole at the bottom.

    • The size of the hole should be "just" enough for the straw piece that is to be inserted through the hole.

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    • Cut the bottle in half or one third using a paper cutter and/or scissor.

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    • Stretch the mouth of the balloon and place it over the mouth of the bottle.

    • Ensure that the mouth of the balloon is firmly fixed over mouth of bottle and is air-tight.

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    • Insert one end of the straw piece through the hole made at the bottom

    • Secure the end of straw piece and balloon with rubber band.

    • The rubber band must be tied firmly such that no air escapes through the balloon-straw interface.

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    • Blow hard through the straw piece to hear the loud trumpet sound.

    • The straw piece should be lower than that of bottle mouth for the bugle to work.

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    • The level of straw piece is higher than that of bottle mouth.

    • Balloon is not stretched enough while blowing.

    • Not blowing hard enough

    • Rubber bands too loose

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    • Stretch the balloon and blow through it at different lengths, Describe how does the sound differ?

    • Use a frequency measuring app available on App store/Play store and measure the frequency range of the sound produced.

    • What sort of energy conversion takes place when you blow ?

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