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Minor Versionm

by Procheta Mallik



    • Be careful while handling the scissors

    • Do not push the fingers hard into the ear

  1. Cut the 50 cm thread into two equal halves.
    • Cut the 50 cm thread into two equal halves.

    • Tie the threads diametrically opposite each other to one end of the slinky spring

    • Make loops at the other end of each string

    • Insert your forefingers through each loop.

    • Shake the slinky and immediately put fingers inside the ears; enjoy the sound!

    • Not enough movement or shaking of slinky, thus making less sound.

    • Compare the sounds produced after releasing/shaking the slinky with and without fingers inside the ears.

    • Is it louder when fingers are inside the ears?

    • Does the speed of sound depend on the medium through which it is travelling?

    • Try using a metallic slinky. Compare the difference in the sound made by different materials.

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