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Sound Oboe

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by Kailash NR


Flatten given plastic straw and cut it in an inverted `V' shape. Place the cut end into your mouth and blow to create sounds. You can cut the straw to varying lengths to change the frequency of the sound.



    • Handle the Scissor with care.

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  1. Use a ruler to make to make two marks on the straw one of about 2cm and the second mark of about 2.5cm.
    • Use a ruler to make to make two marks on the straw one of about 2cm and the second mark of about 2.5cm.

    • Cut a Strip of tape and paste on the 2.5cm mark made.

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    • Flatten the end of the straw and cut in triangular shape from the 2cm mark made.

    • From side on the cut should look like a baby crocodiles mouth.

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    • Blow through the straw, with the cut end in your mouth, and you should produce a nice loud, constant sound!

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    • Blowing too hard

    • Blowing too slowly

    • Triangular baby crocodile’s mouth (reed) is too small

    • Not enough of the reed inside the mouth

    • The straw not flattened enough at the cut, i.e. the reeds are too far apart

    • Not placing your mouth on the mark made at the backend of the crocodiles mouth.

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    • Why does the sound stop when you blow too hard or too softly?

    • Measure the length of the straw

    • Hum the same note the straw makes; can you produce more than one note? If so, how many? If not, why not?

    • Does the straw produce the sound when we vary the placement of mouth on it? If yes, are all the sounds produced same?

    • Why can't a normal flattened straw produce sounds like the sound oboe?

    • Will the straw produce sound if it is cut in a different shape other than the crocodiles mouth shape?

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    • Make the oboe using different length straws

    • Cut various holes in the straw so that you can play different notes.

    • Make a straw spiral

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    • Make the oboe using straws of varying stiffness

    • Make the oboe using straws of varying gauge/diameter

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    • Blow and cut the straw at the same time to see how the frequency changes.

    • Download a frequency sampler device on your phone and make marks on the straw to show you exactly how much you need to cut so that you can get a full octave.

    • Verify the theory by actually making sure you get each note of an octave as you cut the straw

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