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Minor Versionm

by Procheta Mallik


Oboe made with straws of varying gauge



    • Handle the Scissor with care.

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  1. Make one sample with the fat straw and another with the thin straw
    • Make one sample with the fat straw and another with the thin straw

    • Flatten the end of a straw and cut the end of the straw in a triangular shape of about 2 cm

    • From side-on, the cut should look like a crocodile’s jaw!

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    • Blow through the straw, with the cut end in your mouth, and you should produce a nice loud, constant sound!

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    • Blowing too hard

    • Blowing too slowly

    • Triangular baby crocodile’s mouth (reed) is too small

    • Not enough of the reed inside the mouth

    • The straw not flattened enough at the cut, i.e. the reeds are too far apart

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    • Why does the sound stop when you blow too hard or too softly?

    • Measure the length of the straw

    • Hum the same note the straw makes; can you produce more than one note? If so, how many? If not, why not?

    • How many notes can you produce now?

    • Why do you think it is tricky to make both aspects of the toy work satisfactorily in unison?

    • Make the observations separately for each of the 2 samples

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