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by Suchitha Vishwa


By making evenly spaced knots on a piece of cotton thread and attaching it to a button or bead, which is also attached to a rubber band wrapped around a bottle cap, one can make a periodic clicking sound as one pulls the thread between one's fingers!

    • Use the scissors/cutter with care.

  1. Form a loop on the cotton thread.
    • Form a loop on the cotton thread.

    • And then tie a knot about 2cm away from the edge.

    • Keep tying evenly spaced knots all along the thread

    • The knots should all be around 2-3cm away from each other as you can see in the picture.

    • It's okay if the knots are not exactly that far away - a little difference will not change the results.

    • Insert one end of the knotted thread into one hole of the button.

    • Pull it until the first knot, and tie the thread to the button as shown.

    • Wet the end of the thread to make it easier to push it through.

    • Take a rubber band, and cut it open so it is no longer a closed circle.

    • Push one end of the rubber band into the hole in the button that is directly opposite the one through which you put the thread.

    • If the rubber band is too fat for the hole - cut it into half using a scissors.

    • Or you can try pushing it through with the help of a needle.

    • Pull the rubber band through, and cross both sides over as shown, and tie a knot.

    • Repeat this knot again in the same place, so that the rubber band is once again a closed circle.

    • When you make the knot, don't pull it all the way - there needs to be a loop. So make two knots one after the other at the top as shown.

    • Make two diametrically opposite notches on the bottle cap using a cutter

    • Now take the rubber band and pull it over the bottle cap such that the button rests against the top of the cap.

    • For reference: your final "toy" will look like this.

    • Now run your fingers along the thread and hear the device make a wonderful cricket-like sound!

    • If you make a knot over an existing knot instead of beside it - you do not need to unwind it, let it be. Bigger knots might produce more significant sounds.

    • If the thread does not fit through the button hole - wet the end of it or take the help of a needle.

    • Make sure to pick a button with a large enough hole for the rubber band, or a thin enough rubber band to fit through the hole. Alternatively, you can use a bead with a bigger hole

    • If you do not find a thin rubber band - you can always cut it in half length wise using a pair of scissors.

    • Try running your finger over the thread fast and slowly - do you hear different sounds?

    • Try spacing out the knots much more - 4 to 5cm away from each other and observe the sounds made now - is it any different from when they were closer?

    • Does using a metallic cap instead of a plastic one produce a different sound?

    • Try using a bigger button and note down the observations.

    • Why do you think this sound is being made? What is the mechanism behind it?

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