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by Suhail Ahanger


Collect different samples of soil and put them in a half cut bottle. Make small holes at the bottom of the bottle. Pour water in each and measure the time it takes for the water to come out from the bottom of the bottle. Popularly known as a "perc test"!

    • Scissors should be handled carefully.

    • Collect clean and safe samples, away from garbage, sewerage etc.

    • Do not ingest any of the soil samples

    • Wash hands thoroughly after the experiment

    • Candle should be lit and used under adult supervision

  1. Cut the top off a plastic bottle with scissors (or a cutter).
    • Cut the top off a plastic bottle with scissors (or a cutter).

    • We need only the bottom part of the bottle for this experiment.

    • Make holes in the base of the bottle using scissors and/or with a metal wire heated on a candle flame.

    • Line the base of the bottle with some tissue paper.

    • Make a mark on the bottle about halfway up, and put sand in the bottle till that level

    • Keep this half cut bottle on a measuring beaker.

    • Keep a stop-watch ready

    • Pour 100ml of water on the sand.

    • Start the stop watch and note down the time taken till the first drop of water drops into the measuring beaker below

    • Now wait for 15 minutes and measure the water collected in the measuring beaker

    • Empty the bottle, and now repeat the same sequence of steps as in Step 2, for

      • a) Soil (normal mud)

      • b) Cocopeat

      • c) Clay

    • Make sure the samples you start with are dry

    • The holes in the bottle should not be too small such that the water stagnates in the bottle

    • Make a chart as shown in the picture and put down all your readings

    • Compare percolation rate and the volume of water collected in the beaker for different soil samples

    • The values in the table shown are what we observed; your values may be and are expected to be different

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