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by Procheta Mallik


Take circular and square spiral cutouts from a piece of paper/cardboard and suspend them on a skewer. A slight breeze from the top, and you have yourself a spinning snake!

    • Handle scissors carefully

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  1. Take a print out of the picture shown
    • Take a print out of the picture shown

    • Start cutting the paper with scissors along the line

    • You will end up with a circular spiral

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    • Take a skewer (or pencil) and mount it on a piece of foam, with the pointy (or lead) end pointing upwards

    • Make a small `dimple' in the middle of the spiral by puncturing the paper slightly without tearing it

    • This will help the spiral being stable once mounted

    • Mount the spiral on top of the skewer

    • You may repeat the same steps for the square spiral cutout but use a cardboard sheet instead of paper.

    Suchitha, no glue should be used in this experiment. Then how will the snake spin? Look at the AG page:

    Some sort of a dimple needs to be made to make the snake stable on the skewer/pencil

    Procheta Mallik - Reply

    Add a photo to show the making of this `dimple’ I’ve written about

    Procheta Mallik - Reply

    • Blow air from the top or keep under a blowing ceiling fan

    • The spiral snake should start spinning

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    • Spiral cutting should be done from the open end of the spiral

    • Follow the spiral line closely while cutting

    • The `dimple' should not be too deep (cut) or too shallow

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    • Instead of paper, try with different materials like plastic sheet etc

    • Think of cutting different shapes similar to the spiral shape

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