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by Vishal Bhatt


Make your own sextant using a plastic straw, thread and some weight. Use it to measure the angle of elevation to different objects around you.

  1. Take a sheet of paper .
    • Take a sheet of paper .

    • Place a protractor on it .

    • Start marking points from 90 degree .

  2. Mark each point up to 0 degree .  Join all the points .
    • Mark each point up to 0 degree . Join all the points .

    • Extend each point by 5 cm , using a ruler.

    • Mark two points 1 cm away from the point of origin on the 0 degree as well as 90 degree line.

    • Join all the points and extend to get a 1 cm margin as shown in figure.

    • Cut the shape to get half protractor on paper.

    • Take a cardboard sheet .

    • Stick the half protractor on cardboard using fevicol .

    • Cut the extra cardboard, using scissors .

    • Make a hole in the center , where all points meat , using scissors .

    • Take a 20 cm thread .

    • Insert the thread through the hole.

    • Knot the thread so that it does not slip back through the hole.

    • On the other side of thread, tie some weight like a ring magnet.

      • The weight needs to be heavy enough to keep the thread taught.

    • Take a 20 cm straw .

    • Fix straw with tape on one edge of the protractor, as shown .

    • Darken the lines using pen or sketch pen and write down the degrees. Using eraser, erase all the lines marked with pencil.

    • Look at any object around through the straw and measure the angle of elevation to that point.

    • Identify any 5 indoor objects and measure as well as record the angle of elevation/depression in standing and sitting position.

    • Repeat the above for any 5 outdoor objects which are at least 100 metres away from you.

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