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by Procheta Mallik


Take a small strip of paper and cut right down the middle of the long edge to make two strips to a third of the length. Split the two strips to create a 45-60 degree angle between them and throw them up and enjoy them rotate as they come down.


Video Overview

    • Handle Scissor with care.

  1. Mark Three lines on the rectangular strip as shown in the figure
    • Mark Three lines on the rectangular strip as shown in the figure

    • Make cut along the lines you drew

    • The length of two vertical lines mentioned in the picture is 1/3 of the width of paper.

    • Fold the sides onto each other along the vertical axis

    • Fold the bottom of the body so that it locks the vertical folds you made on the above step.

    • Stick Cellophane tapes, if necessary.

    • Keeping the vertical cut as reference, gently fold the "Propellers" in opposite directions so that it looks like 'V' from the side.

    • Drop the roto-copter from a decent height to see it in action as it rotates about the vertical axis and descend slowly.

    • "Propeller" length too short

    • Not enough Surface area for propellers to work efficiently

    • Stick a cassette tape to the bottom of the roto-copter and measure the speed in RPM!

    • Make roto-copters of different sizes, drop it from the same height and compare their speeds.

Finish Line

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