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by Kailash NR


We turn a mixture of clear lime-water (calcium hydroxide) turbid by blowing into it through a straw, thanks to the formation of calcium carbonate, which precipitates in the water.



    • Do not inhale Lime powder

    • Protect your eyes from Lime powder

    • Do not Ingest lime water while blowing into it

    • Do not blow hard into the test tube

    • Wash your hands thoroughly after conducting the experiment

  1. Take a cup of water and add few grams of Lime powder to it.
    • Take a cup of water and add few grams of Lime powder to it.

    • Stir the solution and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

    • Now, a Milky white solution will be observed on the top , while lime particles will be settled at the bottom.

    • Cut a Plastic bottle in the middle.

    • Place the upper part of the bottle inverted into the lower part

    • Place the filter paper like a funnel over the mouth of the plastic bottle's inverted upper part.

    • Slow and diligently pour the milky white solution over the filter paper

    • The filtered solution will be collected at the lower part of the bottle.

    • Take enough filtered solution in a test tube so that you can dip a litmus strip

    • Dip a Red litmus strip into the filtered solution.

    • The Litmus paper will turn blue confirming that lime solution is basic.

    • Using straw, gently blow into the clear solution in the test tube.

    • If you blow hard into the solution, you will end up spilling the lime water all over you

    • Blow into the solution till it turns into milky white.

    • This is because, the air we breathe out is nothing but carbon dioxide.

    • The carbondioxide reacts with Ca(OH)2 (lime water ) to form CaCO3.

    • Dip a Blue litmus strip in the milky white solution.

    • The colour of the litmus strip will remain the same

    • You can tilt the test tube to get the litmus strip dipped

    • Dip a Red litmus strip into the milky white solution.

    • If the solution is not milky white, blow into it using straw so that it turns to milky white

    • The Red litmus strip will not change colour

    • Since both Red and blue litmus strips does not change their colour, it confirms that the solution is Neutral !

    • Pour the lime solution directly over filter paper so that the solution gets filtered properly

    • The litmus tests have to be done immediately after blowing into the filtered solution

    • Have the filtered solution only about 1/3 of the test tube so that it does not spill when you blow into it

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