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by Procheta Mallik


Make small pieces out of old paper and make a pulp after soaking them in water. Now remove the ink as far as possible and leave the paper for drying.

    • Scissor has functional sharp edges. Contact may result in injury. Always keep away from fingers and body.

  1. Take some waste papers.
    • Take some waste papers.

    • Cut the papers into small pieces using a scissor. You can also cut them using hands if scissor is not available.

    • Add around 5 spoons of starch powder. This amount of starch should suffice for paper pieces cut from 5 to 6 A4 sized papers.

    • Add some water till all the paper pieces are completely dipped in water

    • Wait for 1 hour till the mixture becomes soft

    • Smash the paper nicely to make it as a paper pulp

    • Make 3 marks on the foam, each 1.5 cm apart. The marks need to be made along the shorter side of the foam.

    • Cut the foam along these marks such that you get four pieces of equal width.

    • Make around 0.5 cm deep slits in the foam pieces as shown. This is required to insert the mesh.

    • Repeat the same for another foam piece.

    • Now insert the mesh inside the slits and apply glue.

    • Reduce the length of other two foam pieces (if required) such that they fit in the 3rd and 4th side of the mesh.

    • Make similar slits in these foam pieces and insert the net through the slits to complete the mesh.

    • Squeeze extra water from the paper pulp and spread it on mesh

    • Carefully Transfer the paper pulp to a plate

    • Leave the paper pulp to dry for 3-4 days

    • Your recycled paper is ready

    • Ensure cut paper pieces are small.

    • Drain the water well through the net before leaving it for drying.

    • Ensure that the paper is dried well before you try to take it out of the plate.

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