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by Procheta Mallik


Make a pulley by fixing two cardsheets around a bottle cap. Fix the pulley in a pencil by making a hole in the centre of the bottle cap. Now take a 2 litre bottle and fix the pencil inside the bottle by making two diametrically opposite holes on the bottle's wall. Wind a thread around the pulley and fix given plastic can on one end of the thread. Fill the bottle with water and experience the model of pulling water out of well using a pulley.

    • Use the scissors/cutter with care

    • Heat the metal wire on a candle under adult supervision

  1. Take a bottle cap with a smooth surface .
    • Take a bottle cap with a smooth surface .

    • Make a hole in the middle of the cap using a heated piece of metal wire.

    • If the pointy end of your scissor blade is sharp, the hole may be made using a scissor alone

    • Using a scissor, enlarge the hole in the bottle cap.

    • Take a cardboard piece and draw two circles of diameter 6 cm .

    • Using a paper cutter cut out the circles.

    • Now you have two circular cardboard pieces of diameter 6 cm

    • Make a hole at the centre of the circular strips using a metal wire and use the scissor to make the hole bigger.

    • Align the holes and glue the cardboard strips on either side of the bottle cap .

    • Insert the pencil through the holes in the cardboard circles and bottle cap.

    • The pencil acts as an axle, while the cardboard pieces and bottle cap are the wheel.

    • Using a sketch pen, mark 4 equidistant holes on the top rim of the film can (small plastic container) .

    • Make holes on the marked spots using a candle-heated hot wire.

    • Knot one end of a 10cm cotton thread piece to a hole made on the plastic container.

    • Repeat the same step for the remaining 3 holes

    • Join the four threads at the top with a knot and remove the excess thread using scissors.

    • Take a 1 m piece of cotton thread and join it to the four threads from the plastic bottle.

    • Take a 2 litre plastic bottle and using a sketch pen, mark the top portion of the bottle as shown .

    • Use a cutter to cut the marked regions of the bottle .

    • Using a sketch pen, mark two spots on two ends of the bottle about 2cm from the cut part of the bottle .

    • Using a heated wire, make a hole at each of the 2 spots .

    • Make the hole larger by using a scissor.

    • Make sure the hole is large enough for the pencil to pass through the hole and fit easily.

    • Take the other end of cotton thread and tie a knot to a bead .

    • Insert the pencil at one end of the plastic bottle hole and then insert the pulley through the pencil.

    • Roll over the remaining thread on pulley.

    • Pass the pencil through the other end of the bottle hole.

    • Fill the bottle with coloured water.

    • Your pulley is ready. By pulling the bead with thread, the wheel turns and lifts the load.

    • The coloured water gets filled up in the small plastic container.

    • Make sure the pencil can go easily through the holes.

    • The holes should not be too big as the bottle cap moves around.

    • The cardboard strip should not be smaller than the bottle cap as the thread will move out of the strip.

    • Make sure that the holes you make are nice and circular; this can be achieved by rotating the scissor slowly while enlarging the holes

    • Which part acts as the fulcrum, load and effort?

    • Which pulley requires the least effort to move the load upwards. Is it the fixed pulley or the movable pulley?

    • How is the load lifted using the pulley?

    • How can the effort be minimised? Will doing so affect the distance the thread/rope is pulled?

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