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by Suhail Ahanger


We make multiple pinholes near the bottom of a bottle and also a hole in the bottle cap that acts like a switch. By filling the bottle with water, we create a shower, which we can turn on and off by opening and closing the hole in the bottle cap with our finger!


    • Exercise care while heating the metal wire. Do not touch the heated end of the wire.

    • Make sure to conduct the experiment in a place where you can drain the water.

    • Handle scissors with care

  1. Take a 1 litre water bottle with a cap.
    • Take a 1 litre water bottle with a cap.

    • Heat the end of the metal wire in a flame.

    • Use candle under adult supervision.

    • Make a hole in the centre of the cap with the heated wire.

    • Make it bigger using scissors; it should be a nice round hole of about 6mm-8mm in diameter

    • Fill the bottle with water; coloured water will make it more fun!

    • Screw the cap on

    • Close the hole in the cap with your finger.

    • It is important to hold firmly so that your grip is airtight.

    • With your finger firmly in place, make multiple holes in the bottom third of the bottle, all around, with the help of a pin/needle.

    • Go outdoors or over the sink since this step involves draining of water.

    • Release your finger from the cap to see the shower in action.

    • Close the hole in the cap with your finger to stop the flow.

    • If the water flow cannot be stopped when making holes, the cap is not closed properly with your finger.

      • A little water will be ejected when you poke the needle through the bottle. That's ok!

    • You are putting too much pressure on the bottle, thereby squeezing it, and so forcing the liquid out of the bottle

      • Apply "just" enough pressure to close the hole to make sure no air gets in

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