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Minor Versionm

by Procheta Mallik


    • Exercise caution when using scissor

    • Do not use darts on human beings as it hurts and may lead to injury.

  1. Take a paper of :
    • Take a paper of :

      • 21 cm in length

      • 7.5 cm in breadth

    • Make a cone by rolling the paper as shown in the figure.

    • The Cone should be pointed at one end.

    • Roll the cone as thin as possible

    • Use a tape to secure the folding

    • Reinforce the pointed end with tape to prevent it from becoming blunt on repeated usage

    • Use additional tapes if the cone is not stable

    • Lower the pointed end of dart into the straw.

    • Allow the dart to sink into the straw on its own.

    • Mark the excess part of the dart with a marker

    • Cut out the excess part so that it fits perfectly inside the straw.

    • This cut ensures that the dart fits perfectly inside the straw and friction between the straw and dart is minimal.

    • Put the dart into straw by its pointed end.

    • Straw loaded with the dart is shown in the figure.

    • Note that the dart fits perfectly into straw without any effort

    • Blow the straw hard from the dart end to see it in action.

    • Have someone to hold a newspaper as a dart board and blow at it!

    • Try blowing the straw from different angles and observe their projectiles.

    • Dart failed to launch due to stiff contact between straw and dart - Cut the dart to a proper length such that the resistance is minimal.

    • The dart launches at slow speed and falls off immediately - Make sure the cut you made is of perfect length such that there is no air gaps in between dart and straw.

    • The length of launcher, the straw must be 3 three times that of the length of dart so that efficient acceleration can occur.

    • Pointed end of the dart is so blunt such that it cannot pierce the newspaper

    • Make bigger darts and use a PVC pipe as "Launcher"

    • Make a Dart Board out of paper with proper score scaling and play games

    • Make another "Launcher" by cutting the straw to half its length and compare the dart speeds in both.

    • Experiment making Launcher/Dart pairs of different diameter and observe whether diameter makes any difference to the speeds at which the darts are delivered.

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