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by Suhail Ahanger


Physical Change and Chemical Change example .

Video Overview

    • Handle the Bunsen Burner carefully.

    • Do not touch the hot Test Tube.

    • Always use a test tube holder to hold the test tube while heating .

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  1. Keep  Sugar, Test tube and a test tube holder ready/cloth .
    • Keep Sugar, Test tube and a test tube holder ready/cloth .

    • With the help of spoon , transfer sugar crystals to test tube .

    • Hold the test tube with test tube holder/cloth .

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    • Keep the Bunsen Burner/Cooking gas ready, and test tube containing sugar.

    • Heat the test tube over Bunsen Burner/Cooking Gas .

    • Heat till it becomes Black-Brown liquid .


    The objective of the tactivity is not to form caramel. The objective is to see what happens when you heat sugar. The naming of the tactivity and the steps need to be changed keeping this objective in mind.

    Procheta Mallik - Reply

    • No black - brown coloured liquid. Amount of sugar is too less.

    • Sugar is not melting. Flame temperature not enough to melt the sugar

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    • What happens to sugar after heating ? what change of state did you observe?

    • What happen if you heat Toffees and chocolates ?

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