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by Suhail Ahanger


The moon rises and sets ~50 min later each day, thereby completing a cycle in 28 days, looking different each day! With a simple printout, you may observe these at the flick of your fingers!

    • Use the scissor and stapler with care

  1. From the given "Moonphase" printout , trace the different phases of the moon as shown in the front pages.
    • From the given "Moonphase" printout , trace the different phases of the moon as shown in the front pages.

    • Each box is numbered, from 1 to 28 .

    • Waxing phase is from 1 to 14.

    • Waning phase is from 15-28.

    • Using scissors, cut out each phase-box, numbered 1 to 28, and stack them in ascending order.

    • Cut along the solid lines only

    • Use a binder clip or staple the ordered 28 phase-boxes by aligning them perfectly and clipping/stapling within the dashed line

    • Hold the clipped/stapled part in one hand and with the other hand, flip the pages of the flipbook.

    • This should help you visualise the different phases of the moon.

    • Cutting was done inaccurately and not along the solid lines

    • The shading has been done shoddily. Note that there is only a slight difference for each subsequent day, so you need to be very diligent and accurate in the shading. Hence better to use a pencil

    • The stacking should be arranged in sequence; either in ascending or descending order.

    • By playing with the moon flipbook can you identify different phases of the moon and compare it with what you see in reality each night?

    • Label the various phases: new moon, half moon, crescent moon, gibbous moon, full moon, waxing phase, waning phase etc.

    • Do the various phases of the moon look the same from the southern and northern hemisphere of the Earth? What happens when you look at the reverse pages as you flip the flipbook?

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