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by Procheta Mallik


Glue the picture of bird and cage on the two sides of given thin straw. Make a hole in given fat straw, insert a thread through this hole and loop the thin straw around this thread. Move the fat straw to the two ends of the thread and observe the bird and cage picture.

    • Make sure you do not poke yourself with ends of thick binding wire .

    • Handle the scissors with care

  1. Take the bird and cage printouts .
    • Take the bird and cage printouts .

    • Apply glue on the thin stiff straw and place accordingly on the back of one of the printouts, in the middle with most of the straw jutting out.

    • Apply glue on the sides of bird and cage printout along with the thin stiff straw and sandwich the straw between the printouts.

    • Take a fat straw piece (~8cm); this is about one-third the length of a full fat straw

    • Take the thick binding wire (~30cm) and bend it in the shape of a bow.

    • Tie a string with a knot from one end of the bow

    • Using the sharp end of a pair of scissors, pierce a hole about 1 or 2 cm from one end of the fat straw.

    • Repeat the above step directly opposite the first hole

    • Insert the loose end of the thread through the holes.

    • Pull the thread from the other hole .

    • Secure the end of the thread with a knot to the other end of the binding wire bow

    • Place the thin stiff straw between the thread in the fat straw, as shown

    • Twist the thin stiff straw to form one loop.

    • Insert the thin stiff straw inside the fat straw.

    • Push the thin stiff straw half way through the fat straw.

    • Hold the fat straw and move it from one end of the bow to the other and you should observe the illusion of the bird in the cage .

    • The holes made on the fat straw should be big enough for the thread to slide easily.

    • Make sure the bird and cage are properly glued to the thin stiff straw.

    • The thread on the bow should not be too loose .

    • The thin stiff straw should be inserted sufficiently into the fat straw

    • Measure the time taken to move from one end of the bow to the other.

    • Move it slower and observe. Record the increased time along with your observation. Is the bird free from the cage?

    • Decrease the time, i.e. move faster, and observe. Record the decreased time along with your observation.

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