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by Procheta Mallik

    • Wear gloves while working with concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide. It is corrosive. If it touches you it can burn the skin.

    • Be careful while working with fire - incense stick as well as matchbox.

  1. Take a Beaker .
    • Take a Beaker .

    • Add 10 ml water to beaker .

    • Add 8ml of Hydrogen peroxide to beaker with the help of dropper .

    • Light the incense stick.

    • Put a pinch of Manganese Dioxide to the beaker containing hydrogen peroxide .

    • Place the incense stick inside the beaker and observe it catching flame.

    • After adding manganese dioxide, the lighted incense stick needs to be placed inside beaker immediately.

    • Hydrogen peroxide quantity is less or it is less concentrated.

    • Record the temperature before and after adding manganese dioxide.

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