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by Suhail Ahanger


Make a hole in a bottle cap and screw it onto the bottle after filling it with water. Now invert it, give it a twirl and you have yourself a tornado in a bottle! Use thermocol beads for added effect!



    • Exercise caution when using the scissor.

  1. Take a plastic bottle with cap.
    • Take a plastic bottle with cap.

    • Make a hole in the cap using scissors.

    • The diameter of the hole should be about 1 cm so that water can flow out easily.

    • Fill 3/4th of the bottle with water.

    • Screw the cap back onto the bottle.

    • Invert the bottle over a container. You may notice that the water does not fall (a few drops might drip out).

    • Hold the bottle by the bottom and use your wrist to shake the water in a loose circular vortex. After a few seconds of spinning, you should see the water begin to swirl in the centre. This is your bottle tornado!

    • The hole in the cap is too small for the water to fall out.

    • Not spinning the bottle with enough force.

    • Filling the bottle to its brim.

    • Is the tornado spinning clockwise or anticlockwise?

    • Try spinning the bottle slower or faster.

    • What happens when you fill the bottle to its brim and then spin it ?

    • Add glitters / oil / styrofoam balls to the water and spin the bottle.

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