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by Suhail Ahanger

    • Do not Inhale/ingest yeast ! It is a fungus !

    • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling yeast

  1. Take about 100-200 ml of water in a vessel.
    • Take about 100-200 ml of water in a vessel.

    • Add 4 teaspoons of sugar.

    • Stir and mix it well until the sugar dissolves in water.

    • Carefully pour the sugar solution into a 500 ml plastic bottle.

    • Take about 3-5 gm of yeast.

    • Add the yeast to sugar solution.

    • Stretch the balloon and fix it over the mouth of plastic bottle.

    • Gently shake the bottle without allowing its contents to enter the balloon.

    • Fermentation will happen and as a result carbon dioxide will be released.

    • The build up of carbon dioxide in bottle will inflate the balloon

      • After one hour

      • After two hours

      • After three hours

    • Sugar is not completely dissolved in water - It will delay the process further!

    • Sugar added is not adequate to produce enough carbon dioxide to blow the balloon.

    • Inadequate quantity of yeast.

    • Sufficient time must be allowed for the process to take place - be patient !

    • Keeping the amount of water and yeast constant, dissolve different quantities of sugar. Observe and compare the results.

    • Keeping the amount of water and sugar constant, try adding more yeast. Does it speed up the process ?

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