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Minor Versionm

by Procheta Mallik


Make cardboard cylinders of different sizes and compare their volumes



    • Do not inhale sand

    • Wash your hands with soap after handling sand.

    • Careful not to spill the sand in your living room

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  1. Refer the image for the direction.
    • Refer the image for the direction.

    • Roll and Join one cardboard length-wise and tape it along the edges to make a "fat" cylinder

    • Roll and join another cardboard breadth-wise and tape it along the edges to make a "tall" cylinder

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    • Place the "Fat" cylinder on a horizontal surface. (Preferably on a disposable surface as we are dealing with sand)

    • Now place the "tall" cylinder inside the fat cylinder.

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    • Fill the " Tall" cylinder with sand.

    • Now, take away the "tall" cylinder with care leaving the sand behind in the " fat" cylinder.

    • You can see that the "Fat" cylinder is not full yet and have some space to fill. Thus, Volume of the "Fat" cylinder is more than that of "Tall" cylinder

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    • Which cylinder is most efficient in storing things? Fat or Tall?

    • Do the "fat" cylinders always have more volume than the "tall" cylinders of same area?

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