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by Suhail Ahanger


A simple, effective and enjoyable way to measure the area of irregular shapes, such as leaves, by tracing out the shape and using graph paper.



    • Wash hands after handling the leaves as it may contain dirt

  1. Lay the leaf on the graph sheet.
    • Lay the leaf on the graph sheet.

    • Trace its outline using Pen/Pencil.

    • No need to trace the area of Stem (Petiole).

    • Use two different colors to mark full squares and partial ones

    • Use Pen/Pencil and number the full squares inside the leaf trace.

    • Use an alternative color to number the partial squares inside the leaf trace.

    • Multiply the number of full squares by 1 cm2 and partial squares by 0.5 cm2 and add them together.

    • Repeat the above steps for any number of leaves.

    • Multiplying partial squares by 0.5 cm2 is not accurate. But, since the errors average out, you get a good estimate of the leaf's area.

    • Try the same on 2 , 4 cm2 graph sheets and compare the results to arrive at the most accurate value.

    • Leaf is moved when profiling.

    • Miscounted the number of "Full" and "Partial" squares.

    • Margin of error when approximating the partial squares as 'Half'.

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