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by Procheta Mallik


Heat two pieces of metal wire. Allow one to cool naturally (annealing) and the other is immediately submerged in cold water for cooling (quenching). Observe the physical differences after both have reached room temperature

Video Overview

    • Make sure you don't poke yourself with the ends of the clips.

    • Use the burner under adult supervision

    • Don't touch the clips immediately after heating. Wait till it become cool.

    • Be very careful while hammering with the pliers or hammer

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  1. Keep a cup of water, bunsen burner / gas stove, pliers/hammer and paper clips ready.
    • Keep a cup of water, bunsen burner / gas stove, pliers/hammer and paper clips ready.

    • Take two paper clips and straighten them out.

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    • Turn on the burner and hold one paper clip with the help of the pliers or DIY Tweezer.

    • Heat the paper clip over the bunsen burner till it becomes red hot.

    • Then allow it to cool down at room temperature.

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    • Take the other paper clip and straighten it out

    • Heat it until it becomes red hot .

    • Immediately after heating, immerse it in water.

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    • Play around with both the cooled off clips. Try and bend them

    • You may observe that the clip which cools down naturally in air is flexible and the shape can be altered easily.

    • You should observe that the clip which was dipped in water is not as flexible. It may be very hard to re-shape.

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    • Heat the clips till they become red hot

    • Quench the clip in water immediately without any delay.

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    • What will happen if you stop heating the clips before they become red hot?

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