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by Procheta Mallik


Put a needle through the middle of a candle and balance it on safety pins attached to cups. Light both ends of the candle and enjoy the sea-saw for as long as the candle burns.

    • Be wary of lit candles. Light under adult supervision

    • Do not poke yourself with the needle. Be mindful of its pointed edge.

    • Be diligent when you use molten wax for fusing the candles; beware of the hot wax

  1. Take two candles and light one up.
    • Take two candles and light one up.

    • You can measure and mark the needle's centre for your reference.

    • Hold the unlit candle inverted, place the needle centred over candle's base.

    • Carefully pour some molten wax over the needle

    • Immediately fuse the base of the candles together with the needle in between them.

    • Allow a minute for the wax to cool and solidify.

    • "Lock" end

    • "Hinge" end

    • Take two identical paper cups.

    • Tape the "Lock" ends of the safety pin on to the wall of each of the inverted cups such that the safety pins stand upright with exposed "hinge end"

    • The "hinge" ends on both cups should be at the same level.

    • Suspend the candle through the "hinges".

    • Place the cups over a piece of paper.

      • This is just to prevent the wax from dripping onto the table or floor surface.

    • Light up the candles.

    • If you have an unbalanced candle, light up the heavier side first so that it can shed some wax and balance itself out!

    • The candles should now mimic the see-saw action!

    • Candles must be fused straight

    • Safety pins are not firmly taped to the paper cups.

    • Safety pins are not at the same level

    • Misalignment of paper cups

    • Instead of fusing two candles, try to poke the needle through a single candle at its centre.

    • Instead of making supports, try to balance the needle on the rim of two identical cups from your kitchen.

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