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by Procheta Mallik


What are the maximum number of pins you can link using a magnet. How does this number change when you add a magnet?

    • Be careful about the sharp ends of the nails and paper pins.

    • There's no need to open the safety pins; beware of them if they open out.

  1. Download or copy the table in your notebook.
    • Download or copy the table in your notebook.

    • Fill the prediction column. Eg: Predict how many paper pins one magnet can hold and note it down in the table.

    • Take one magnet and observe how many paper pins it can hold one below the other.

    • Now add one more magnet and find out if it can hold more or less number of paper pins one below the other.

    • Repeat the above procedure for as many magnets (say 4 in total) you have.

    • Record your observations in the observation post-experiment column of the table.

    • Repeat Step 2 for different materials like nuts, nails and safety pins.

    • If the magnet is old, it could have lost its strength over time.

    • The ferromagnetic material (nuts, nails etc) is too heavy compared to the magnet.

    • Take one magnet and try attracting as many number of ferromagnetic materials as you can (not necessarily one below the other) and measure the total mass it can hold.

    • Find out how many pins/nuts/nails the magnet can hold over its entire surface area. Is it any different from holding it one below the other?

    • Use these magnets to attract different materials like wood, plastic, cloth piece etc and observe what happens.

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