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by Suhail Ahanger


Attach given small balloons to two pieces of straws and glue the straws together to form a Y shape. Fix this straw-balloon assembly in a plastic bottle through the bottle cap. Cut the bottle and fix the bigger balloon on the mouth of the bottle cutout. Stretch the big balloon to see the small balloons inflate.

    • Exercise caution while using scissors/cutter.

    • Do not use flame near readily flammable liquids or gas containers.

  1. Take a Water bottle and cut it at the 3/4th height as shown in the figure.
    • Take a Water bottle and cut it at the 3/4th height as shown in the figure.

    • Take the bottle cap and make a hole at the center in the cap using a thick wire(10 cm) by heating the wire using a candle.

    • Make sure that the hole is enough for a normal straw to be inserted in that hole. Use scissors if necessary , to make the hole bigger enough for a straw to fit into it.

    • Take a Big Ballon and cut the top portion,upto neck of the ballon.

    • Cover the Water bottle lower part using that ballon and stick it with Insulation tape as shown in the figure.

    • Take the two normal straws and Make a 'Y' shaped straw/tube using these two straws by cutting one one of the straws and inserting the second into.Make a 'Y' shaped tube by using Insulation tape,as shown in the figure.

    • Take two small straws and insert the two parts of the 'Y' shaped tube into both of them respectively as shown in the figure.

    • Use Insulation tape and stick the balloons properly.

    • Now insert the top Y shaped tube with balloons into the bottle cap and stick it.Use,Insulation tube if necessary.

    • The diaphragm and Lungs Model is ready.

    • How will diaphragm help in breathing?

    • Can we breath without Diaphragm?

    • How do insects breathe?

    • Hole is present in some balloon due to which other balloons are not inflating.

    • Hole in the cap is too big which lets air in while stretching bigger balloon and because of this small balloons don't inflate.

    • Diameter of cut part of bottle too small to hold the big balloon tightly.

    • Even though small balloons are not blown into but they still inflate when bigger balloon is stretched. Why does it happen?

    • how is the functioning of lungs and diaphragm inside our body correlated.

    • Try blowing through the straw from the top and check if the bigger balloon inflates or not.

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