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by Suhail Ahanger

    • Exercise caution while using cutter/scissors

  1. Cut the paper template along the solid lines
    • Cut the paper template along the solid lines

    • Fold the cut flaps along dotted lines

    • Other cutting instructions are all written on template itself.

    • Apply glue to the cut flaps on side with number '1' written on it.

    • Stick the flaps on to the other flaps on the the respective side

    • Apply glue on the cut flaps without having any numeric digit written on them.

    • Stick the glued flaps on the same flap as mentioned in step 2.

    • Now glue the other which also has numeric digit '1' wriiten on it.

    • Stick the glued flaps on the respective side flaps

    • Close the box and cut out extra portion on sides.

    • Insert the CD through cut portion (labelled as 'a' on template) with non shining side visible from outside and shining side inside the box towards viewing side

    • View through the cut square portion (labelled as 'c' on template) keeping the small slit (labelled as 'b' on template) towards light source.

    • Change the angle at which CD is kept inside the box until you see the fine spectral lines.

    • Not able to close the box. Cut the extra top portion of the folding flaps.

    • Box not strong enough. Stick thin cardboard sheet on the plain side of paper template

    • Slit too small to let enough the light enter and fall on the CD.

    • Try viewing the spectral lines using different types of light sources e.g., white light lamps, sodium light lamps, halogen lamps, Sun light. Do you see any change in pattern of spectral lines.

    • Observe what spectral lines appear corresponding to different types of light sources. Is it possible to get all spectral lines using different light sources.

    • Compare the spectral lines seen using different light sources to the rainbow colours or splitting of sunlight through prism. Do all light sources give continuous spectrum?

    • Think about why does the CD rather all CDs have such texture of colours especially the spectrum lines.

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