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by Vishal Bhatt


Insert ring magnets in a stiff straw such that every alternate pair of magnets is repelling the previous pair. Place a frog at the top and enjoy it's jumping as you push the magnets downwards.

    • Sharp edges of the scissor may lead to cuts, if used on body parts. Exercise caution while using it.

  1. Draw Frog on a sheet of paper and colour it .
    • Draw Frog on a sheet of paper and colour it .

    • Paste the paper on a card sheet and cut out the frog using scissor .

    • Roll a tape or piece of paper to form a cylinder with a diameter bigger than the stiff plastic straw.

      • You may use another plastic straw instead of tape/paper. The straw needs to have a bigger diameter than the stiff straw.

    • Take 4 x 4 cm of foam and make a hole at the center using scissor .

    • Insert a stiff straw in the hole made at center of the foam .

    • Insert two ring magnets in the straw. Place the magnets such that they attract each other.

    • Now take another pair of ring magnets and insert in the straw such that these two magnets repel the two which are already in.

    • Repeat the above step with two more pairs of magnets.

    • Push the frog and the magnets downwards and release to see the frog bounce back.

    • A glimpse of the jumping frog .

    • The pair of magnets need to repel each other for the bouncing to happen.

    • Straw should be firm.

    • If the hole in the foam is bigger than the straw, the straw may not stand straight.

    • Measure and record the distance between magnet pair 1, 2, 3, 4.

    • Push magnet pair number 2 and observe the height the frog jumps to. Now push pair number 3 and compare the height. Compare with pair number 4.

    • Repeat the experiment with single magnet instead of a pair. Compare the behaviour.

    • Add two more pairs and compare the behaviour with 4 pairs.

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