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by Vishal Bhatt


There are all kinds of chemical reactions. Here, with simple household materials, we observe one that can be attempted by anyone at home or in the classroom: electrolysis of water

Video Overview

    • Handle the scissors/cutter with care.

    • Do not drink/ingest any of the salt or water.

  1. Take 200 ml of water in a transparent container.
    • Take 200 ml of water in a transparent container.

    • Mix two table spoons of salt in the water.

    • Take two insulated wires of length 20 cm - removing about 2cm insulation from each end - and any battery in the range of 1.5-9 volts.

    • Take two iron nails.

    • Place the iron nails in the beaker containing saltwater in such a way that some part of the nails are exposed to the air, i.e. not submerged fully. Tape them along the walls of the beaker.

    • Connect and tape one end of each wire to the iron nails and the other to the battery terminals as shown.

    • Leave the apparatus for some time so that the electrolysis reaction takes place.

    • Meanwhile take a bottle and cut it in half by using a cutter/scissor.

    • Place the upper part inverted on to the lower part of the bottle.

    • Place a filter paper on the upper part of the bottle .

    • Disconnect the battery and the nails and empty the contents of the beaker into the filter paper.

    • Once the filter paper dries out (1 day) you can find a brown powder collected on the filter paper.

    • Do not use rusted iron nails.

    • Make sure the iron nails are not completely dipped in water.

    • Make sure the wires are taped and connected correctly .

    • What happens when you conduct the same experiment with plain water? With sugar water?

    • How do the iron nails look after the experiment?

    • Have you noticed similar "coatings" form on other metal surfaces when left exposed to air and moisture? What about food items?

    • Why do apples, guavas, brinjals etc. turn brown when cut and left exposed?

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