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by Procheta Mallik


React a metal and acid to liberate some hydrogen gas. Test the presence of hydrogen by burning it with a pop sound.

    • Do not touch acid with your hands .

  1. Take one conical flask.
    • Take one conical flask.

    • Add 100ml of water to conical flask .

    • With the help of dropper add 2ml of conc. HCL to conical flask contaning water.

    • Measure 10cm of magnesium ribbon using scale.

    • Cut it using scissors .

    • Dip the magnesium ribbon in conical flask .

    • Immediately close the mouth of conical flask using rubber cork.

    • Reaction can be seen in conical flask .

    • Keep the insenstick lighted.

    • After 3mins open the rubber cork and bring lighted insenstick near it .

    • You will hear a pop sound and immediately close the conical flask with rubber cork again.

    • You can reapeat 2,3 times closing and opening of rubber cork and hear pop sound .

    • Do not add more conc HCL to 100ml water , the reaction can occure very fast .

    • Write down the reaction involved ?

    • Why Magnesium Ribbon dissolved in HCL ?

    • The Pop sound is because of the presence of ?

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