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by Suhail Ahanger


Make your own pesticide from household materials like neem oil without using chemicals. Apply the pesticide using a mist spray and test it for one full cycle of your plants.

    • Avoid direct skin contact with soap if your skin is allergic to such products.

    • Do not draw air into the mouth while using sprinkler.

    • Do not use more concentrated solution. It will have adverse effects on plants.

  1. Pour the given 6ml of neem oil into a container
    • Pour the given 6ml of neem oil into a container

    • Pour 1ml of mild liquid soap into the container with neem oil already in it.

    • You can mix more than or less than 1 ml of soap, but at the same time make sure to change the quantity of neem oil as well proportionally to maintain the ratio (6:1).

    • Mix the neem oil and liquid soap and empty out the contents in 500 ml of warm water and mix thoroughly by stirring it.

    • Pour some of the mixture in a smaller container and use a water spray to administer it on plants.

    • Note that you may use our "Water Spray" model to achieve this

    • The constituents not mixing well. Water is cold or not warm enough.

    • Strong detergent used, which causes adverse effects on plants.

    • Use some other oils than neem oil. What is the property of neem which makes it suitable for its use in herbal pesticides.

    • What would happen if we use some strong detergent instead of mild liquid soap? Observe the effect on plants in all cases.

    • Change the ratio of the mixture and quantify the efficiency by applying each on different plant of same species.

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