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by Vishal Bhatt

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    • Care should be taken while heating .

  1. Transfer 7 ml of water to a test tube .
    • Transfer 7 ml of water to a test tube .

    • Add copper sulphate to the test tube containing water.

    • Heat the test tube until all the crystals get dissolved.

    • Meanwhile, take a pencil and a 15-20 cm long thread .

    • Tie the thread around the pencil as shown in the image.

    • Insert thread in the test tube.

    • Keep it aside for some time without disturbing it.

    • Cover the mouth of the test tube with a paper so that no impurities can enter.

    • After some time you will observe the formation of crystals in the test tube.

    • Observe the shape and shine of the crystals you got.

    • Add copper sulphate until it stops dissolving any further.

    • While heating , no crystals should be left behind.

    • After heating & inserting thread , the sample should not be disturbed.

    • What is the shape of the crystals that are formed ?

    • Can you make crystals of sugar using this method ?

    • What is the saturation point & super saturation point of copper sulphate in 10 ml of water ?

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