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by Procheta Mallik


Ring magnets behave fascinatingly when inserted into any metal rod that is magnetic. Here, we use a cycle spoke as the rod and notice the wonderful behaviour of the magnets as they spin down the spoke! This causes vibrations at the bottom of the spoke, where a cardboard spinner spins rapidly as the magnets descend!

    • Be mindful of sharp edges of the spoke.

    • Handle scissors with care

  1. Take a long cycle spoke .
    • Take a long cycle spoke .

    • Pass the wooden bead through the cycle spoke's screw end and let it rest on the other end.

    • The bead acts as a support for the spinner/fan so that it does not slip through the cycle spoke.

    • Make a spinner/fan (circular, rectangular or star shaped) out of a piece of cardboard, decorate it, punch a hole at its centre and insert it into the spoke.

    • Place two magnets over each other

    • Pass the magnets through the screw end of the spoke and leave them near that end

    • With the screw end at the top, hold the spoke vertically and give the magnets enough of a twirl so that they can start moving down the spoke

    • The fan should start to spin as the magnet moves down the spoke

    • The hole in the fan is either too small or too big.

    • The hole in the fan is not centred

    • The inside surface of the magnet(s) are too rough, hence preventing the magnets from spinning.

    • The fan is too big/unbalanced, thereby preventing itself from spinning.

    • The shape of the fan/spinner is asymmetrical

    • At what length of the spoke does the fan start spinning ?

    • Can you increase the speed of rotation? How?

    • Can you change the direction of rotation? How?

    • What happens when you add more magnets?

    • What happens to the colours on the disc when it spins ? Why does it happen ?

    • Make spinner/fan of different sizes and observe if the spin differs in each case.

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