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by Procheta Mallik


Loop thread through any small cardboard box in such a way that you can use them to propel the box



    • Use the needle with extreme care and caution

    • Use the scissors with care

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  1. Thread the needle with one end of your cotton thread
    • Thread the needle with one end of your cotton thread

    • Using the needle, poke a slanted hole in the middle of the striker-side of the matchbox and remove the needle out diagonally from the drawer side, as shown

    • Pull the thread and now poke a slanted hole from the drawer side of the matchbox, diagonally to the centre of the other striker-side, as shown

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    • Untie the thread from the needle

    • Knot the two ends of the thread.

    • Trim out the extra threads using scissors.

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    • Hold the threads in between your little finger and thumb on both hands.

    • Twist your hands back and forth, gently and in unison, such that the matchbox moves!

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    • Tie the knots tightly.

    • The cotton thread should be of good quality to withstand the pull .

    • Make sure the threads are threaded diagonally and symmetrically on both sides

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    • Can plastic wire or nylon thread be used instead of cotton?

    • Can you move the train in both directions? Why or why not?

    • Is it important that the threads are threaded diagonally? Why?

    • In how many waves of your hand are you able to get the matchbox to move from one end to the other? Now hold the threads such that they go only over your index and middle fingers. How many times do you have to twist your hands now to get the box move from one end to the other?

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