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by banu


Using rubber bands and ice-cream sticks, we create a "wow" inducing flick-knife.

Video Overview

    • Please hold the stick gently while making the "V" notches.

    • Please handle the paper cutter and scissors with extreme care.

  1. Take the first ice cream stick and at about half of the Ice cream stick. Cut the stick into half.
    • Take the first ice cream stick and at about half of the Ice cream stick. Cut the stick into half.

    • Now draw a line at 2 cm from the curved end.

    • Take the second Ice cream stick and make a mark at 2 cm from each end.

    • Take the third Ice-cream stick and make a mark at 2 cm from each end ( exactly like 2nd stick). From 2 cm line, Draw the shape of a Arrow head.

    • Cut the third ice cream stick into two parts. Such that one part is almost 1/3rd of the other.

    • Cut the smaller piece from the third Ice cream stick into two parts. We will only use one of these two.

    • Now cut the bigger Ice cream Stick in the shape of an arrow head.

    • Make `V'- shaped notches at the two locations indicated using the cutter on the first Ice cream stick.

    • Make `V'- shaped notches at the four locations indicated using the cutter on the second Ice cream stick.

    • Make `V'- shaped notches at the two locations indicated using the cutter on the Third Ice cream stick.

    • Making the notches isn't trivial; rather than scooping or sawing with the cutter, you just need to press down at the given location with a slight slant of the cutter. Do this with the opposite slant as well, and you should get a `V'-shaped notch.

    • Also note that ice-cream sticks break and splinter easily, So you have to be firm and gentle while using the cutter rather than rough and clumsy.

    • Stack the 1st Ice cream Stick ( half-length ) on the 2nd Ice cream Stick ( full-length ), Align the notches and hold them together by winding a small rubber band, 2-3 times, around them at the notches.

    • Put the smaller strip of ice cream stick in between the 1st and 2nd Ice cream Stick behind the rubber band, as shown.

    • You should be able to press this up and down, like the opening and closing of a crocodile jaw!

    • Similarly, stack the 3rd Ice cream Stick ( two-third-length ) on the other end of the 2nd Ice cream Stick, aligning the notches, with the arrowhead pointing outwards and wind them together 2-3 times using a rubber band at the notches.

    • Swing the 3rd ice-cream stick and lock it between the 1st and 2nd ice-cream stick piece.

    • Now when you press the ends of the 1st and 2nd ice-cream stick pieces, the blade ( the 3rd ice-cream stick piece ) will flick open in a fraction of a second. Wield your knife with care!

    • Make sure the depth of notches are good enough to tie the rubber bands around the ice cream sticks.

    • Make sure the notch alignments are correct and you actually place the rubber bands in them.

    • Ensure the length of the sticks are appropriate and don't come in each other's way while flicking the knife! Or too short whereby the 3rd stick can't slip under the 2nd!

    • The rubber band tightness also needs to be optimal; sometimes one or both of them may be too tight or too loose.

    • The small stick piece needs to create a nice open-and-close jaw; it needs to be thick enough to ensure that happens without slipping around.

    • The notches should not be too close to the ends of the sticks.

    • Will the knife work if the small strip placed in between the ice-cream sticks, is removed?

    • Friction doesn't depends on surface area of the material? (True/False)

    • Arrange these materials in ascending order of the frictional force on the surface. a) Glass window b) Popsicle sticks c) Aluminium plate d) Sand paper

    • Answer the following questions in reference to the picture. Which part of the flick knife acts as a fulcrum?

    • In what direction the Knife ( switch piece 1 ) would open? A) Downwards b) Upwards c) Towards right d) Towards left

    • In which direction is the switch piece 2 applying the force? A) Downwards B) Upwards C) Towards it's right D) Towards it's left

    • Make a knife with 2 blades or more.

    • Use CD pieces or metal pieces, instead of ice-cream sticks to make the Knife.

    • Make the knife such that the blade opens up till a particular angle rather than fully straight.

    • Make a longer knife by joining ice-cream sticks or by using 15-30 cm rulers instead of the ice-cream sticks.

    • To learn and make the variations for flick knife. Please click this link Friction - Flick Knife (Variations)

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