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by Suhail Ahanger


Glue two straw pieces between two cardsheets. Glue them in a slanted manner so that they make an angle of around 90 degree with each other. Pass given cotton thread through the straws and join the threads to make a loop. Now pull the threads one by one to make the cardsheets move forward/upward.

    • Be careful while using scissors and paper cutter.

  1. Cut out the cardboard piece as shown in the picture.
    • Cut out the cardboard piece as shown in the picture.

    • You may draw any picture of your choice.

    • Cut out another piece of cardboard butterfly copying from first one

    • Glue the cut straw pieces on back side of one of the cardboards.

    • Glue the other cardboard on the first one such that the two cardboards overlap each other.

    • Cut the outer portion of straw up to the edge of butterfly

    • Cut the thread into two equal halves and insert through the straws

    • After the threads are through the straw tie bead to one end of each thread

    • If beads are not available then make 5-6 knots on one end of each thread so that the thread does not completely come out at other end of the straw. You may also use any other object like a cardsheet piece or ice cream stick piece as a stopper.

    • Make v - shaped notches near the ends as well as at the middle of ice cream stick.

    • Tie the two threads at the two ends of the ice cream stick.

    • Attach another thread in the middle of ice cream stick and make a loop.

    • Hang the toy using the loop made and pull each thread one by one. See the butterfly climbing up.

    • If the straws are not fixed firmly to the cardboard they move inside while pulling the strings thereby not allowing the straw to hold the thread.

    • The thread is not rough enough to make butterfly climb.

    • The straws are not slanted enough to cause a friction between the thread and straw.

    • What happens if you keep the straws and thread parallel to each other. Does the butterfly go up while pulling the threads.

    • Stick the straws at different angles and observe the difference in force required to make the butterfly climb up the thread.

    • Instead of thread what if you use a smoother thread like very thin wire or nylon fibre? Think of how friction plays huge role in keeping things move arond.

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