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by Procheta Mallik


A classic test, where the presence of starch in food is tested using iodine solution



Video Overview

    • Iodine solution should be handled carefully

    • Please do not ingest any of the materials

  1. Place multiple samples of daily food items on a plate
    • Place multiple samples of daily food items on a plate

    • The items could include: salt, sugar, cereals, pulses, processed foods, fruits, vegetables etc.

    • Add 1-2 drops of Iodine solution to all the food items on the plate

    • Carefully observe the colour change

    • Foods that turn dark blue / black indicate the presence of starch

    • If there is no colour change, it indicates the absence of starch

    • List the items with and without starch

    • Is starch and carbohydrate the same? Why are carbohydrates taken in larger quantity compared to protein, fat etc.?

    • Food samples should be fresh

    • Place them far apart to avoid cross-contamination

    • Allow sufficient time after pouring the iodine for the reaction to occur

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